What's with all the boobs?

Okay, so I am an actor as well as a writer, and I am a woman, as evidenced by my photo...it really is me...and like all women, I have breasts...yes we all have them, whether they are large or small, or barely there...everyone has 'em...but what I am finally realizing, albeit far too late apparently, is that being a woman who is an actor, what some may call an actress, means that whatever size they are..if you got 'em, you're supposed to flaunt em!!

I was at an industry showcase last night...an actor friend of mine had asked me to be his partner for a little meet and greet and put on a show for the nice industry folk kind of event...and what I couldn't help but notice, was that no matter what part any of the women were playing...lawyer, doctor, suicidal painter...one thing they all had in common was that their breasts were getting top billing. Everybody was flashing the cleavage, it was like a Victoria Secrets catalogue for crying out loud. I couldn't help but feel kind of overdressed, and yet I knew that these talented women were just doing everything they could to be noticed. In a business that rewards youth and firm flesh over talent, these ladies who no longer had what L.A. deems to be youth anymore, (one manager had told me that the cut off age for women she'd represent was fifteen!!) still had flesh and lots of it that could be spilled out of push up bras as they argued that their client should not get the death penalty.

Just as I started to wonder if I should run into the bathroom with a pair of scissors and do some quick alterations on the clothing I had worn...I took a deep breath, and instead thought about all the work that I had done over the years. Work that I was proud of. And I reminded myself that it was actually my large resume, and not my not so large breasts, that I wanted to get noticed.


Caroline said...

This is hilariously funny, Gina. I spent most of my twenties in tiny little macrame halter tops or tops I made out of stretchy black fabric (don't even ask....)Lucky you as a writer--all we have to do is show up in a black dress with ink stains on everything.

Gina Sorell said...

Caroline...what a wardrobe you had :)

I must say I like the sound of this writer's wardrobe much better!


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