What? Is it possible that I really haven't posted since Monday? What on earth happened to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday?!!! Oh wait, I remember...it was something like this...wake up hit the computer, NY Times, Toronto Star, LA Times, Daily Candy, UCLA Blackboard, e-mail and then....type, type, type, coffee number one, go for a walk, come home, shower, hit the computer, type, type, type, breakfast at computer, conference call, type, type, type, lunch at computer, Perez break, People break, check friends Blogs, type, type, type, more work calls, work e-mails, sunshine break with Mabel, get the mail, stare into the sun, retreat back to the desk, type, type, type, evening walk with Jeff and Mabel, tyyyyype, tyyyype, tyyyyyzzzzppppe...dinner at 8:30, Olympics, work with Jeff on auditions, crawl to bed around 11:30...collapse. Wake up and do it all over again.

TGIF!!!!!!! Although I am so happy to be so busy, I do remember saying last night as the crickets chirped and Mabel fussed and Jeff tried to read, that if I didn't get some F%#$%#$%#%@% sleep, I was going to kill someone! 7 full hours later, I am feeling more human.

Just one more day and then tomorrow it's our yard sale, and tomorrow night we are out to dinner! Yay!

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