Neighbor Night...

Last night I hosted a neighbor night potluck for the 7 other units in our sweet complex. We decorated the courtyard, set up patio tables and umbrellas, had a buffet full of food, a bucket full of drinks and a plethora of mini Crumb cupcakes for dessert! One of my neighbors was even a guest dj, spinning vinyl on his turntables until the sun went down. It was fantastic, and there was so much goodwill and good energy and good stories to keep us chatting and laughing for hours. For instance, I never knew that the house across the street, that is on a historic register, and a walking tour was once a brothel!! And not a hundred years ago, but 8 years ago! There was also a designer who used to live in our building that used one apartment as his home and the other as his casting couch, I mean office...and there was an old cat lady that used to live in my apartment and when she died, they discovered over $300,00.00 stuffed in tins and cereal boxes!! Crazy. Hmmm, house cleaning just became that much more exciting.

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