Rocking Monday...

Well, I have decided to love Monday's and they seem to be loving me back! After a killer workout with my friend and fitness guru Jessica (I've listed her website), where I was sweating like a maniac, pulled every face imaginable and flat out begged her to lower the resistance on my exercise bike...she declined all the while, cheerily encouraging me on and ignoring the fact that I was started to curse her in gibberish...I came home and met another deadline! And I got some more super exciting freelance work..yay...and wait for it...I think I am actually ready to start plotting out my next novel! What? Am I crazy? Yes, but for other reasons. I have had this idea for a while now, and it has been trailing me for years, but just recently it feels like it is catching up to me demanding to be noticed and taken seriously and fleshed out beyond the fringes of my brain. I am trying to listen to it take shape. I am trying not to freak out that I haven't even finished my screenplay treatments yet, and I am excited that I have a reason to plunge ahead into novel madness once more!


spledicious said...

a second novel! how exciting! all I did on monday was pretend to work while I checked my facebook every 15 minutes...what? still no new notifications? what's going on? where are my friends? what are they doing?...oh, and I made a development in my food soap opera. Dina, of Dina's Diner, now has a sexy young med student love interest who is working landscaping in her town during the summer. she made him a tandoori chicken wrap, sweet potato home fries, and a green salad with papadum croutons. bonus - he loves spice, he's not afraid to try new things, and he eats vegetables!

seriously, gina - this is my job.

Gina Sorell said...

Spledicious...your schedule at your job is not so unlike my own! I am constantly fighting between distraction and work :)

As for your food soap opera...it sounds delicious!

G :)

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