It ain't a dry heat...

Hot, humid, hazy...ahhh life on the east coast. I'd forgotten what Toronto summers felt like, and even better what they made me look like. I have been wandering around the city with a slight drag in my step, sheen on my face, and a head full of frizz. Very attractive. But I have been having a great time, and somehow have managed to keep up with my freelance work, my essays, my commitments to UCLA, and like the end of any good vacation, will come home to a mountain of work. But I can not think of a better reward to a great vacation. I love working, love being busy and knowing that I will be living in my uglies, chained to my desk for the next week, meeting super fast turnaround times, makes me strangely happy! But first one more night of friends and family and then it's back to L.A. for Neighbor Night...and on Monday...we are off to the races!


Unknown said...

Ah your frizzy hair, how nice havent thought of that is years. We felt the earthquake up in Vancouver as well but not as hard as Jeff apparently did. Painting my kitchen wall orange tomorrow that should make the world right again.

Gina Sorell said...

Painting always makes the world right! As does, rearranging furniture, buying fresh flowers and eating chocolate.

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