I have big plans for today...and just knowing that makes me want to go back to sleep. This is my body's response to stress, to take to it's bed. I have even uttered my plans out loud to a few friends in an attempt to force me into keeping my Monday promise...to start my new novel. Cue the horror film scream...AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Now this strategy doesn't always work, case in point; I have not done either of my script treatments. I was too busy with work commitments to even get them started, and I have been working on my personal essays...and I didn't really want to. Sigh. And I even started to work on a different novel, but knew that it wasn't what I should be writing, so I abandoned it. No, what I should be writing is this new novel, and I know this, because I have been irritable and restless and have rearranged my apartment, and now it is gorgeous, and there is nothing left to clean or organize, and I can not avoid it anymore, if I expect my husband to still live with me.

This novel has been following me for years now, working it's way forward from the back of my brain, creeping it's way into my periphery vision and tumbling itself out of my mouth when people ask..."So do you know what your next novel will be about?"

My first novel took me three plus years to write and as this new idea promises to be complicated and tangled and completely different in style and genre...I better not wait much longer if I want to get it done before my fortieth birthday! It is time to hunker down and start the gloriously agonizing process of sorting through the mass of images and ideas in my brain. And just the idea of it makes me simultaneously excited and exhausted and longing for sleep.


katie boland said...

it will be AMAZING
i am so proud of you!:):)

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Katie! Right now it just feels like I am standing before an enormous mountain that I have to climb...with a 100pound backpack...barefoot.

G :)

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