I see signs...and stars on stage

I am twenty minutes into my self imposed writing deadline, but I had to respond to some lovely e-mails from friends. I give myself these start times because I know that as the day wears on, my resolve to sit in front of this computer and pick cotton from my brain weakens. In a few more hours I will be dreaming of something salty and a glass of wine. It will officially be cocktail hour by then, so no need to worry about me. And so now, that I have moved my outside start date to 1:30pm at the latest...I will just quickly write that ever since I decided to start this novel, I have seen signs everywhere supporting that decision. It is also that I am of course noticing all things related to the subject matter, of which I can not share yet, because I am terribly superstitious...but wherever I look there they are. And so I am encouraged.

On more thing...last night I went to see a ridiculously talented young friend of mine perform a play reading about Armenians living through the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and I was just blown away. There was also this really famous actor from the movie Borat, who was terrific, but the night belonged to my friend, playing the lead in the play Nadia. It was one of those wonderful things, where everyone was murmuring about her during intermission and at the end of the play you could hear people raving about her performance. It was great to see, and so well deserved, and so even though it isn't even time for the Saturday Shout Out yet...I am sending a shout out to the amazingly talented beyond her years...Ms. Katie Boland.

Time to plunge into novel land...

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