Saturday shout out for...The Feng Shui Guy!!!

Today's shout out goes to my friend Ariel Joseph Towne...also known as The Feng Shui Guy. Click this heading at it goes straight to his website!

His bio will tell you that he is on the "AOL hotlist of what to do see and wear in Los Angeles." His work has appeared in Variety Stylephile, Yoga Journal, Yogi Times and In Touch magazines. Ariel created Everyday Feng Shui for Lime Media, which aired on Sirius Radio (114) for two years. He's led workshops and retreats around the country, is developing several books and a television series.

But what it doesn't say is that he is one of those rare guys who is extremely likable, great at what he does, an excellent listener, talented, (he is also an actor and writer) very spiritual...and yet super down to earth, with a love of sushi, cupcakes and football! And if this wasn't enough he hails from the East Coast, so he gets extra points for his big city sensibility and understanding that not everyone out there is just willing to drink the Kool-aid without knowing what is in it. I am one of those prove-it-to-me- big-guy people and after meeting Ariel a year and a half ago, and having him do two Feng Shui treatments on my home and loving the results, I can now happily say...more Kool-Aid please!!

It's not magic, but the idea of really thinking about what you want your life to be about, where you want to go, what you want to do, and focusing on how your space and the way in which you inhabit it affects you...can have magical results. Ariel calls it intentionalizing. I call it amazing. And the fact that I am actually meeting the goals that I set out for myself and love my super creative home...are all the proof I need.

Check him out for yourself...he's offering friends of this post 25% off their first consult. Pretty groovy.

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