Back at it!!!

Wow. What a great break!! I spent the last 4 days hanging with my momma, wandering the city all the way from downtown to Santa Monica, having long walks and great talks...and eating the most fabulous vegetarian food; Fatty's, Galanga, Real Food Daily...and plenty of cake...and now it is back to business!! Two deadlines await me.

Of course there was still work to do while she was here, auditions, callbacks, and freelance writing, but none of it was done in front of my laptop. Instead I kept a notepad in my purse and did all my calls while on the road...thanks to my crack berry!

My mom is absolutely one of my most favorite people in the whole world and everyone who meets her can see why!! Her visit was the perfect reward to a really hectic time, and the best break before the next whirlwind begins...which it will...in just 15 minutes.

Thanks mom for visiting us...it is always great to spend time with you and it makes L.A. so much nicer!!

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