Sunday, ain't no day of rest!

Well, at least this Sunday wasn't a restful one. It has been busy around here lately, which is good as I have been a very moody lady.

I have been frustrated by new novel, which I haven't touched in two weeks due to issues I have with it, I have been trying to work on a new writing project; a collection of personal essay's about my hilarious family, I have been longing for NYC, and I have been angsting about my debut novel which is still being considered by a great agent...fingers and toes and eyes are crossed for that one!!!!! And I have been gratefully, so gratefully, busy with freelance work!!!

I have also been prepping for a jewelry show which I have at the end of the week, which has meant shopping, designing, photographing new pieces and building a new website!

And on top of it all...we have been fighting colds around here, and it just seems that my husband has lost.

Whenever I get sick, I cook. I make soups and stews and often keep myself busier than normal, as I have a strange reaction to getting sick which is to get upset at myself for allowing it to happen. It is a stupid and vicious cycle, as it is hard to get well, if you spending all your energy beating yourself up! Every one I know is sick right now, and we have traded back and forth our favorite cures; Oregano oil, Airborne, my own personal favorite...the Hot Toddy.

For those of you who do not know, a Hot Toddy, is hot orange juice and whisky..and it is delicious and you will sweat your cold out...and possibly even see your own future! Well, I guess that all depends on your whiskey to orange juice ratio.

But first the homemade vegetable soup I have shown here, then some more work, then an episode of True Blood and finally...a Hot Toddy before bed! Aaahhh Sunday.


Jessica said...

Looks delicious G! I could use some of the soup right now! Toronto is rainy and cold - not that I'm complaining but it's only going to get colder!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Jessica!

I had a better example...but I ate it!

I am actually missing the cold...the rain...not so much.

Stay warm...and enjoy that beautiful city!!


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