Getting it wrong...

Ugh. I have offended a friend. The what and who, I will not go into, but rather it is the why that troubles me. Why I have offended this friend, is because I have wrongly assumed once again that everyone is like me! Doesn't everyone wear their hearts on their sleeves, say exactly what they are feeling, and exactly what they are thinking? Well the answer of course is no. And to assume so is just plain wrong. And why must everyone do as I do? Well for one thing there would be a lot more snack breaks and naps and cocktail hour would be called hours earlier and pets would accompany us everywhere...but of course I am kidding. I am keeping it light, which is something that a lot of people do, that my friend did, and somehow I missed it. Sigh.

This is one of those old things that comes back to haunt me...like a bad temper, or an old pattern of thinking, or an insecurity that you think you have dealt with, that returns to rear its ugly to head to haunt you. I have to ask myself why it has returned of course, this naive assumption that we all express ourselves in the same way, or more accurately, my way. And in doing so, I am reminded that it is not only unnecessary, but not what I want, so then why?

Ah the why. What is it that drives me to turn my thoughts and feelings inside out? Well I suppose that is for me and me alone, and that's the point really. Everyone has their own way, and before reacting, it is important to consider and respect the source. Otherwise you may end up hurting someones feelings like I have, and that is never the goal. And to that person, please know that I am sorry.

Sigh. Time to take it out on the page.


Caroline said...

if your friend is a real friend, he or she will understand it was a misunderstanding, and you can talk about it and move on. That's happened with me numerous times--and only one time was I not able to patch up the relationship (which still obsesses me, by the way.)

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Caroline!

I am happy to say that after going back and forth a few times, my friend has accepted my apology and we have decided to move on. Whew. A real friend indeed.

Me and my big mouth.

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