Late to bed...early to rise...

I am on full speed ahead these days, packing in big days, followed by long nights at the computer. It's what I call the end of the year crush. It's the time when advertisers want to spend what's left in their budgets, which means more commercial auditions and thankfully more freelance copy writing, and then there's jewelry to make for everyone who has started their holiday shopping early. But this year, I am moving even faster because I am planning on playing hooky for a few days starting right after my Holiday Trunk show on Saturday. Why? Because my mom is visiting! She arrives on Friday night, after my day of volunteering at the film expo in Los Angeles. (I get to go for free as a volunteer, and take classes and get credit towards merchandise...pretty sweet deal.) But it means that all my deadlines and there are six of them this week, need to be met by Friday morning, so that my mom and I can mooch about. Yikes. Good thing, I am more than halfway there. Just two more to days to go!

And hey no complaints...this is how it works, when you are self employed it's often all or nothing...and I'll take all, any day!! And I'll take it with another large coffee please...this one's almost done.

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