Exhausted, Elated, Inspired...

A sigh of relief. This photo is of Mabel basking in the glory of Obama and America's Victory last night. At her feet is her friend Margie, eating a celebratory swizzle chew stick, it seemed only fair as we were all celebrating with copious amounts of wine and cake!!

The night started early, earlier than planned. Dinner was scheduled for 6:30, but our door was open and the scent of curried split pea soup and Quinoa stew filled the complex. Our first friend arrived at 5:30 and kept me company with wine and chatter in the kitchen. We had CNN on in the background, but it was still too early to tell and the first reports coming in were of States that McCain would win. Then the rest of our friends started coming in, and it was clear that we were all nervous and excited, and eager to share what we hoped would be an historic night. We huddled around the living room, eating and drinking and sharing stories, stopping every now and then to turn up the volume and listen to the pundits as the polls came in. We were hopeful, but to be honest more than a few of us were reluctant to believe that it would actually happen.

We wanted to believe, but after the last 8 years we were more ready to be disappointed than encouraged. I for one couldn't celebrate until it was clear that there would be no way that McCain could catch up, that the gap was too big to contest, that there wasn't going to be any last minute trickery. And then it happened. McCain conceded and congratulated Obama. Obama took the stage. Obama gave his beautiful moving speech, and left the stage with Biden and their families, triumphant and safe. And I cried. Who would have thought, not that it wasn't possible, not that it wasn't right, but that it would be a reality. That States that were red would turn blue, that people would choose hope over fear, that America would regain it's status as a World leader, as a beacon of inspiration as a country where anything is possible.

We came to the United States, because of the many possibilities that America has to offer, and the last few years have been so disappointing and heartbreaking for this country...but last night, thanks to those who voted for change, my faith has been restored and with it not just the possibilities for greatness in this country, but the reality of greatness as well.

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