The Great California Shake Out!!!

At 10:00 am today all across California, people were participating in an earthquake drill! Somehow I have become our properties "Quake Captain" and am fully expecting my crown and sash to arrive in the mail any day now! In all seriousness, my neighborhood association has assembled a checklist and has tried to organize all of us to be prepared for the inevitable. After all they say it's not if, but when, and so one has got to be organized. The Northridge Quake of '94 was a biggy and experts say to prepare for a 7.8 on the richter scale quake, next time around. I am in an old building which will suffer, but thankfully has only 8 units and 2 floors.

As Quake Captain I have begun assembling a kit; gallons of water in our garage, which even if it collapsed would be easy to navigate through, a crank operated radio, flashlight, Luna bars, baby wipes, poop bags...yup, I said poop bags, and not just for Mabel! We still need to get a change of warm clothes, a fleece blanket, dog food, and canned food. Next up is familiarizing ourselves with how to turn off the water and gas, in case the person assigned to this is unable to.

People say to prepare for 3 days of no services, no running water, and no power. Experts say to prepare for 3 weeks!! I say go to www.shakeout.org to educate yourself on the best plan of action.

I must admit that yelling "Quake, Quake" and running with Jeff and Mabel to
DROP, COVER & HOLD ON...under the dining room table and talking through where everything is, did make me feel less anxious about it all. And now I know that we all fit under our beautiful pottery barn Ryland Dining Desk...I knew it was a good buy!

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