Giving Thanks...

Well, today is Thanksgiving in America, and as I am living here, it means that I get to celebrate it all over again! Just last month I enjoyed a Canadian Thanksgiving feast, and today I am off to celebrate with friends whom I adore. One of them I met in Canada, and has been my friend for over twenty years, his wife has been my friend for sixteen years, since theater school in NYC, and we are being joined by another friend who is flying in to stay with us, whom I met in Los Angeles, but originally hails from and lives in Toronto. It's like all my favorite cities, are being represented by people I love from all different parts of my life, that have magically become one.

I am thankful for a lot of things. The love of friends and family top that list, followed by health, freedom, the ability to do what I love and get paid for it, the opportunity to keep pursuing my dreams, and the fact that I still feel like I am growing and learning along the way.

I am also really thankful that my husband, spent three and half hours last night rearranging our bedroom and hauling furniture to the garage in an effort to create a little extra space for a small desk, where I can go and work and close the door, when we have company or escape to it's air conditioned cool when the next wave of heat hits. Three and half hours. Now that is love.

Love also looks like these gorgeous flowers that were sent to us by my parents for the holiday!! And yes that small bundle is Mabel the love bug doing what she does best.


Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gina! Hope you had a wonderful night and that you got hold of the delicious pumpkin pie you love so much from Whole foods!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Jessica! No pumpkin pie yet...but the weekend is not over :)

And I love my stability ball! Thanks for all the great exercises on your blog...www.intofitness.blogspot.com!!

Jessica said...


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