Vittles and Votes...

November 4th. Election Day. Breathe. Eat. Repeat.

I am so nervous for today's election. My mind is full of static and I have found it hard to concentrate on anything that requires too much of my attention. A friend of mine is so nervous she can not eat. When I get nervous, I turn into a human vacuum. Sigh.

There is not much I can do. I am not a citizen, but a resident and as such can not vote here in America. This year I couldn't even vote in Canada, which made me crazy. My absentee application required me to state when I planned on returning, but I do not know when that is. Furthermore, you needed to photocopy your passport, but passports were being renewed which means that they were mailed in and not in our possession. I was full of guilt and angst at my poor planning, and only mildly comforted that my local riding had a lock on my candidate and with or without me, that would not change, and thankfully it didn't. I take my right to vote so seriously, it was hard earned and hard won, and I remember this from my days performing as a very young girl in "Nellie McClung and the female suffragettes." It was a proud moment. But even I was foiled by bureaucracy this year. I can not even imagine how many people suffer the frustration of not being properly registered, or finding out that there is some technicality that prevents them from voting...like having to mail in your about to expire passport. Sigh.

As a Canadian living in the United States, I have contributed to the campaign of my choice, blogged about my concerns, participated in great political debates...okay, they were mainly one sided, this is Obama country after all. The only other thing I know to do, that makes me feel remotely useful, is to cook.

So tonight we are having our neighbors over for Vittles and Votes! We will all huddle together in front of the television and enjoy Quinoa vegetable stew, split pea soup, salad, bread, cheese, and wine. Yes there must be wine to either calm our nerves, drown our spirits or hopefully celebrate with.

Fingers crossed that the voting is fair and square, and that this time the votes actually get counted. And if you can vote. Please do it.

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