Monday's forecast...Shiny!!

Everyone needs a little sparkle for The Holidays!! For the past 5 years now I have been designing and making jewelry. I sell privately, have some incredibly lovely and loyal clients and am carried in two stores exclusively in Toronto and Los Angeles. I used to do 4 shows a year, but now I do only two, making a limited number of pieces of things that I love. I have made and sold hundreds and hundreds of pieces over the years and every holiday season I think, what else can I do? Will anyone even like these designs? And then I get in the zone and for a concentrated time, my world is all silver and gold and gemstones!!!

Designing and making jewelry uses a different part of the brain that I think is very good for a writer...the instant gratification part. Think it, make it, see it done. It is important when you are sitting at a desk all day trying to pull words out of the ether to be able to tangibly touch something that you have put your energies into.

Some people bake, some cook, some knit, I make shiny things.

Check 'em out at www.heyladydesigns.com


Jessica said...

Those earrings are beautiful! They look very elegant - yet festive! Perfect for the holidays! You have a real talent for making pretty things, that's for sure!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Jessica!

What can I say...I am just a magpie at heart!


Caroline said...

Oh, I am a magpie, too and those are luminous!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Caroline!!

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