All questions and few answers...

Yesterday resulted in pages and pages of "what if?" for my new novel and very few answers. But the fact that I have questions to ask and that my brain started working overtime, made me very happy. I have a big erase board full of notes and a file on my computer full of thoughts as well...and I am sure that eventually answers and possible paths to take will emerge.

The cool thing about having written one novel before is that I actually have references for all these stages. And although there are days where I can feel like I have no idea how to write, I know from my limited experience, but experience none the less, that that is a familiar feeling too.

Right now I am in the foggy beginning...shapes are appearing in the distance and I am driving towards them, getting closer and closer as they start to take form.

It's thrilling and terrifying, and sometimes my head lights don't work, but I am determined.

Back into the fog I go!

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