Grey Friday...

I can not believe it's Friday...but then again I can't believe that it is April either! Where is the time going? I feel like time is marching on, but I am only strolling alongside it. This fast slow phenomenon is nothing new...it's the "hurry up and wait" tune that is a huge part of being an artist who is often dependent on the schedule of others. Now it shouldn't affect my creativity but somehow it does. As I wait the fate of one writing project, the progress of another is slow. It's as if a big part of my heart and brain is still with that old project, waiting for it to find a home, waiting for it move on to the next wonderful phase of it's life, so that I can move on as well. Sigh.

I am back at work on the second novel today and at the essays, and I hope that my being back in class will reignite my now stuck story and allow me to fall in love with new characters and immerse myself all over again in a new world.

But first a walk, another commercial audition and then it's back to my beautiful office...where hopefully my new "friends" will be waiting to come alive on the page.

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