Chitta Vritti...

Chitta Vritti is a yogic term that roughly translates to mind fluctuations or thoughts. A big part of yoga is stilling the mind and not just in a yoga class on the mat, but say like this morning when I was out on my walk trying to wake myself up before writing. I was indeed trying to clear my head, but boy was it ever loud in there. No matter how much I turned up my music I couldn't stop the chatter in my head, which eventually turned to arguments with people that I am frustrated with or over subject matters that are sore points with me and even when I returned and showered and changed I couldn't shake it. I eventually had to tell Jeff that I was having all sorts of imaginary arguments with people and then I had to figure out what it all means. Sigh. The brain is on overdrive.

Well today's soapbox was all about people focusing on themselves and their strict way of seeing and doing things and placing themselves at the center of the universe and not rememebering the big picture. The case I made before my imaginary jury, was about being more compassionate to all living creatures, being more flexible and open to change, stressing less and enjoying life more, celebrating friendship and family and being receptive to new ideas and a different way of doing things.

Lots of Chitta Vritti. And probably no small coincidence that my lead character in my new novel has been arguing with herself a lot. She has a lot to be angry about. Trust me, I know. I'm the one making it up and making it harder for her.

So this is what they call Method Writing. Sigh. Should've picked something happier to write about it!

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