Monday Mapping Maddness...

I have been inspired by how many of my colleagues are mappers of their work, so much so that I am going to try and map a little earlier than I normally would. I am only at page 43, which feels great, but already I am seeing the need for planning what lies ahead. There is a lot more plotting in this book and secrets to be solved and locations to visit. The journey that my protagonist is taking is not just an internal one, but also a physical one. In order to sort it all out I have been writing copious notes and trying to map out my destination.

Although this is hard to do and newer for me, I think that it will be a lot easier than what I have been doing...sitting down at the computer and tearing my heart open and seeing where it goes. My husband joked that it is like picking at scabs. I keep opening the same wound, and wondering what else will be there when I do. You see, I get into my characters and their lives and this story is really dramatic and complicated and personal and it will be fascinating to read (I hope), but for me the writer, right now it's like going into my cave, drawing the blinds, lighting a candle and hammering out my words on a tablet made of stone.

Tap, tap, tap...that's the sound of me hammering out my map. I hope there's a pot of gold at the end of this gray rainbow!

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