Reunited and it feels so good...

Boy oh boy do I love that Dog!! Got Mabel back from her Doggy Day Care yesterday, all clean with her hair cut short like a little lamb. And she is irresistible . Of course I stalked her all day, made her sit on my lap while I wrote and bribed her for her affection with dried chicken breasts. Well it worked. She seems to have forgiven me for leaving her in L.A. while we went to Toronto.

It was a great day all around yesterday, and when I finally handed in my much rewritten first chapter, I was happy with the results. Of course today is another day and now I have to try and figure out where I am going next with my novel. I am in completely uncharted territory and my idea board is starting to get crowded. Good thing it is a dry erase board I can wipe it all off and start again! I am thinking of putting my protagonist on a plane and sending her off to one of the countries that I recently visited, but what I really want to do...is send her somewhere I haven't gone. Somewhere far away and mysterious, and then I would have to go..right? For research?

Has anyone ever done this? Traveled to real place for their work of fiction?


katie boland said...

Hey gina!
i have travelled places for work - but never LITERAL places.
or literal places that i have travelled for work, always came BEFORE the work.
i never knew i would use my experiences later, but that's the great part of being an artist, isn't it? every experience has worth:)
love you can't wait to read the new book! and the old book.....HINT HINT.

Gina Sorell said...

Great to see you here Katie!!

Oh use it all I say! It seems only fair:)And yes, it is great thing about being an artist...no experience gets wasted and there is always something good that can come out it.

I could feel that HINT all the way from here :)

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