So many questions...so few answers...

What it's almost 9pm? What it's Monday? What I haven't blogged yet?
So goes my brain after a day in front of the computer. I did take a break for yoga, and to go buy some beautiful furniture for our balcony and to take Mabel to her doggy date at our old place, where I got to visit my friend too and drink blended iced Nescafe's...delicious. But in between all of that, I ate all my meals at my desk and am still here, trying to figure out, what on earth is happening in my new novel?

I am starting to ask all sorts of questions about it and the characters, which is such a wonderful thing, because questions lead to answers and they both lead to pages. I am busy reworking my opening chapters and it is making me crazy, and I am realizing that I am actually not only working in a narrative form that I haven't used before, the first person, but also in a style I haven't used before. So, maybe, I was actually crazy before I started the reworking.

Either way, it's time to get back to Toronto and 1989, in my book that is, not my time machine, which would take me to the future when I knew where this book was heading!

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