Dog with a bone...

I am one of those never give up people. It makes people around me crazy and it makes myself crazy, because it pertains to everything in my life. It's true, I have a hard time letting go. If someone tells me "no", I try again, if they say it's "impossible", I look for another way of making it happen. Whether it's in my acting, writing, or personal life...once I get my mind made up, there is no stopping me.

My latest obsession is the dirt pit out back that passes for a backyard. Everyone in our rental wants it changed. And we were told that if we did the work, the landlord would pay for it. But now three months later...we are still waiting. First there was no money, then there was a little money, then they needed plans, then they needed samples of gravel etc, then they were going to come by an take a look...and that was 3 weeks ago. It was also the day that my landlord asked me not to be a pest, and I agreed, as long as my pestering was heard...and answered. And so yesterday another e-mail went out.

I have always improved the places of wherever I lived, whether I rented or owned and this place is no exception. There are 4 lovely units all made beautiful by the tenants and we would love to use the backyard which is a rare and valuable commodity for this neighborhood. I have even posted on Craigslist for free gravel and patio stones. Sigh. How great would it be to have a place for all our dogs to play and plants for me to tend to, on a writing break.

I am determined. Stay tuned.

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