Bon Voyage!

I am posting late at night again. In another hour it will be Thursday and I will be on a plane to see family and friends in Toronto! There will be lots of loving and laughing and eating and then we will do it all over again! It has been almost a year since I have seen some of my friends and on Saturday we are all getting together for a big brunch and a chance to catch up. I went shopping and got all my little kiddie friends cool t-shirts, can't resist giving to the little people, they sure do love the presents.

In an effort to get ready for our trip, I have been typing away, writing, rewriting, and dreaming up possibilities for my new novel. Yesterday, I had one of those really great writing days where the writing happens inside my head all day long, slowly brewing until murky ideas and images become just concrete enough, that I can grab hold of them and jot them down as possibilities. I ended up rewriting my entire first chapter, and then changed it some more today, and finally I had a fresh set of eyes look and tell me if what I had written had made any sense at all. And apparently it does. It might even be good. Now, wouldn't that be heavenly.

Bon Voyage! See you here next week!

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