What Now?

I love this picture of Mabel. The expression on her face says to me..."What now?" And it's a good question.
What's next for me is another writing course at UCLA this time with a professor that I have never studied with before. I have started a new novel and am only about 50 pages in which is exactly what we will be workshopping. It was hard for me to study with someone else, after having studied and worked extensively on novel writing with the brilliant Caroline Leavitt, (her blog is listed on this page..check it out!) whom I adore and am inspired by everyday, but I needed a kick in my butt and this class seemed to be just the right thing at the the right time.

I love being back in class, and of course I am also terrified. New people, new eyes, new unformed relationships...what if they hate my writing, what if my prof and I don't see eye to eye, and what about all the reading and critiquing that I have to do...on top of all my own writing?!

Of course this is really the perfect situation for me to get anything done in, because the more I have to do, the more I get done. I am still working on my collection of personal essays and my manuscript has been requested by a fabulous agency, so there is a lot for me to do...and like I have been writing here of late, that is all I can do...the work. As for the outcomes...well I am much like Mabel, wondering what will happen next?

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