Declare yourself!

Calling all writers and list makers! I would love to know who out there is a big mapper? Do you outline your book/script/day...do you stick to the plan? Do you know ahead of time what you are writing and where you have to write to? And if you do and have a discovered a way that doesn't leave you drained and moaning...what am I doing? Please let me know. Pretty please. There will be a pinkberry frozen yogurt in your future. I promise. Declare yourself! Now spill!

And while we are on the topic of declaring and sharing...would those who write me privately, please consider also posting on my blog? You can give yourself a pseudonym! It takes a minute, but once it's done..it's done and you can use that identity to post on any e-blogger blog. Just think what you will be doing for my mental health, as I write and wonder...hello??? Anyone out there??? And you are, and I know it...now show it. xoxo


Unknown said...

You know I love you and read this all the time!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Kim!!!

xo G

Caroline said...

You can't win on this! There are tons of lurkers who never even email--I don't know why this is.

But as to the mapping, yes, I do. All the time. Constantly. I always do the what the character wants vs. what he discovers he needs thingie.

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks for posting Caroline!!

I have heard from some that they don't like to comment because then their comments are out there forever in cyberspace!

Great to know. Right now my map is like a "choose your own adventure novel"! Do you remember those? Loved them as a kid. Anyways lots of possibilities...few decisions.

Love it. Needs vs Wants. Actually listening to the Rolling stones sing about it right now.

xo G

robert e said...

hey gina! great to see you guys at Easter... I am a big mapper - scripts, days, life - I always need to know where I'm headed and like to look back and see how IT measured up to the plan - I think I'd say I do it two ways, with boring old "beats of action" linked to the main story arc and by writing on a blank piece of paper, thoughts, brainstorming if you will and problem-solving - I find for me it works much better to do this last kind of writing by hand, seems to be more organic, more free-flow... and i remember reading somewhere that when you write by hand you are more fluidly connecting to your left brain, could this be true?

one other thing is a program a friend turned me onto called "Rescue Time", google it if you wanna check it out, it's free -it measures all of your computer time, broken up into the areas you choose, over the course of a day / week - it's a very powerful and fascinating program - gives you a clear idea how you're using your time and how you can better maximize your time (I confess, time management is a minor obsession)

all the best, robert

Gina Sorell said...

Hi Robert!

Thanks so much for posting! It was great to see you guys too :)

Thanks for sharing your process, it is very fascinating to me and I was just debating the hand written vs. typed brainstorming. I have been typing, but for the first novel I would brainstorm old school style with a pad and paper away from my desk. I think I will give it a try again. I will try anything to get the brain working!!

As for that program. What a devilish mad genius concept! I am afraid it will tell me that I read too much people magazine on line, but this is an ailment that needs curing, as I wonder...where did the time go?

xo G

Lynn Chen said...

hey gina,
i'm a lurker, having stumbled upon your blog a while ago doing a search for info on ricky gervais' show at the kodak theater. i then realized we have quite a bit in common, living in larchmont, both actors/writers/dog owners....i am surprised we have never run into one another, though i doubt i'd introduce myself for fear of sounding like a stalker. but you asked for the lurkers to come out of the woodwork, so here i am! keep it up!

Gina Sorell said...

Hi Lynn,

So great of you to introduce yourself!! Thanks so much.

Okay, so I found your website (great website btw) to see if we had met, because well...that is just too weird that we wouldn't have yet...actors, writers, larchmont, dogs and all :)

The funny thing is, I bet we have! We probably just know each others dogs names and not each others.

Maybe we will run into each other and if so, we must say hi!!

Thanks so much for visiting and please stay in touch!

G :)

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