All aboard the Fun Bus!

Lately people have been telling me to have more fun with my writing. Fun? Don't they know it is hard, soul searching, punishing work? Well apparently yes they do...but they also think it is supposed to be "fun." Sigh. Maybe they are onto something...these days I have been dreading getting auditions and grunting when my honey says he's off to the driving range so that I can have some quiet time alone to write. I mean aren't these things that I wanted? Well, yes they are, so why have I been feeling so miserable? Oh right, because lately I am the artist that fun left behind.

Well, all that is about to change...or at least...I am going to work towards changing that! I am going to start looking for and finding the fun. Fun! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Okay, I'm not there yet, but tonight I will record the debate and go out to see some storytelling. I am headed to "The Moth", where people get up and tell stories centered around a theme, no notes in hand. They are allowed to have memorized their work, but they must still perform it so that it feels spontaneous and alive. I haven't gone to an event like this in years, and I haven't performed at one for even longer. Who knows, maybe I'll love it and want to get in on the action next month? Huh? Now, that might be fun.

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