It's raining...relief!!

It finally happened, a little scattering of rain that decorated the walkways in a random fashion unlike the sprinklers that go off every morning. It rained big beautiful drops for all of 10 minutes and I went outside to see, as Jeff's face burst into a huge smile, golf clubs slung over his shoulder. "I won't cook on the course again today!"

I ran upstairs, sat at my desk and stared at the gloomy skies, indulging in this brief display of a season other than hot and sunny. I used to do some of my best writing in gloomy weather and living in Canada there was a lot of it. It's no wonder to me that some of the best artists live in the worst climates; I am thinking of Winnipeg and Halifax with it's amazing musicians, then there is Montreal and Toronto and New Brunswick all full of terrific artists. There are many more I know, it's just that I have actually spent time in these places. The same is true of the U.S...although I only have New York as an example and what an example!! I am being one sided here I know, but it's the first day of rain I think since January, so indulge me. Was it Hockney who said that there was no great art in L.A. because the sun melted one's brain? Although the sun sure worked for him and his paintings, radiating heat and showcasing skin lounging by swimming pools. Maybe the key here is variety...and for 10 minutes today I had it!

Now the sun is trying to break through the clouds, but the trees are still swaying in the wind and there's talk of a downpour on Sunday... a downpour! Can you imagine? Oh I will have to stay up all night and write for that one.

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