I'm back!!

I can not believe that I've been away almost a week, but I have. San Francisco was amazing! It is such a beautiful city and wouldn't you know it, the weather was HOT all weekend. No cool fall air for me, it was tank top weather and I was melting. All those good sweaters, got to stay in the suitcase, and I trekked around in the city stunned that it was nearly as hot as L.A. On my day off on Friday, I saw a lot of the San Fran on foot, up and down hills for 5 hours. This to me is the best way to discover a new place, and as I love walking I was happy for the chance to be in a pedestrian friendly city. Friday night was a yummy dinner at a funky little Indian restaurant and Saturday was the O You! Oprah event, where Oprah's advisers gave seminars. There were 4 thousand women in attendance and 14 men, and I saw Art Smith (chef) Nate Berkus (designer) Stacy London (fashion) and Suze Orman (money). I now know how to make a tomato cheese pie, the best way to mix and match new and old furniture, where to get the right bra, and that the most important thing I could do in this economy is to pay off my debt, keep my Fico score up and unless I have 20% down and 8 months worth of payments in the bank...to hold off on buying property.

The big surprise of the event was Oprah herself, who flew in from Chicago just to give a closing speech. All I can say is it is true, like the women you see in the audience at her shows, she renders one speechless. She radiates such presence, power and control, and even after taping 4 shows that day, she was so centered and calm and in command. It was amazing. And we got free tote bags and journals, which everyone knows I adore...not that I need another bag, but still.

Saturday night Jeff flew in to meet me and we feasted on sushi at Sushi Groove while listening to a DJ and drank soju martini's before literally collapsing into bed. A final lovely farewell brunch with our San Fran friends and then we were off to Sonoma where we pulled off a surprise for our friends girlfriend, showing up at the same Inn as them, and taking the day to visit vineyards. Mmmmm...wine tastings. Dinner at the Girl and the Fig was delicious, wine by the fire with chocolate chip cookies was decadent and then finally bed. Yesterday we raced back to San Fran caught our flight and landed in L.A. in time for Jeff to make his audition!

And now we are back, and back at it! Research today, a conference call and deadlines. After a mini holiday, I say...bring it on!

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