Thursday already?

I have woken from a sludge filled sleep, am fueling myself with coffee and am trying to wonder why on earth I dreamt of a mad genius who helped actors and artists with all sorts of ailments, had a cult like following and kept a woman reporter prisoner in his basement, for fear that she would leak his secrets and expose his plans to turn the world into a bio-diesel spinning globe. Oh my. Was it something I ate? Something I watched on the plane? Nope. If that were the case, after seeing P.S. I love you, and Maid of Honor in one flight, I should of dreamt of a world filled with lovable white guys and really skinny women with horsey smiles. I am just saying.

Toronto was terrific. Too short, but a good shot of family and weather and friendship to my heart. I would have loved more time to visit with all my friends but a couple of days is not enough and already I am wondering when I can see everyone next.

I have come back to the heat and the sun and am going to get out there and go for a seriously long walk and enjoy the palm trees. The only cold I am getting, will be the one that I have brought back with me from seeing sniffly little munchkins. And speaking of munchkins, I am picking my little furbaby up in few hours and can not wait!

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