Soaked, Seared and Scorched...

Yes, in fact, this is how I like my Ahi Tuna...but it is also how I feel right now. It is blazingly hot in L.A. today, AGAIN, we are talking 95 degrees. 95 degrees!!! Geez, it's October. Sigh. Right now the only sun I am happy to see is the kind in the picture, a vintage inspired mirror that hangs in our living room.

On a cooler note...last night we headed to hipster ville, aka Loz Feliz to check out the free wheeling free form storytelling of The Moth at groove central...Tangier. Not being cool, Jeff and I arrived really early and were the first ones into the back room venue, guaranteeing us the only unreserved high top table and an early order with the much overworked waitress. Minutes later, following our lead perhaps, the place was packed, tables were gone and it was get-in-line-time with the waitress.

The stories were great, the drinks strong and the fries crisp and salty! And from our high top table we had an unobstructed view and lots of room to relax. What do you know sometimes the early bird does get the worm and not being so cool, pays off after all.

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