Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

These gorgeous flowers were sent to me by my parents for Canadian Thanksgiving. Technically it's tomorrow, but everyone I know will be celebrating it on a Sunday, over lunch or dinner...including us.

I have a lot to give thanks for; my health, my family and friends, my freedom; to think and say and practice what I love and believe, and the opportunity to follow my dreams. I have a beautiful home, wonderful neighbors and each year it feels a little more like I am part of a community.

We have been invited to a "Canucks Giving Thanks" dinner over at a friends place. There are a lot of Canadians living in Los Angeles, in fact it is often referred to as the third largest Canadian city. Tonight there will be almost forty of us spilling out into the backyard, eating sweet potatoes and stuffing, cranberry jelly, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, drinking wine and as I don't eat turkey...I am bringing a quinoa, squash, heirloom sweet pepper and heirloom tomato side dish. It promises to be a delicious dinner, shared with new friends, and friendlies, and I am sending out a long distance hug and kiss to family and dear friends back in Canada.

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