It's Friday...and there's no debating that...

I am putting this photo of these lovely flowers up as a simple remedy. Whenever you get angry over the ridiculousness that is Sarah Palin and your blood pressure starts to rise...look at the pretty picture and remember...it's Friday.

This is probably the only thing Sarah Palin and I can agree on...the days of the week. Not that I'd ever have to worry about debating with the governor from Alaska, (should I say Alaska one million times just to make you as crazy as she made me last night?)because, it seems that being the "Maverick" that she is...she just ignores the fact that it's a debate and says what she wants, or rather what she has practiced a thousand times, regardless of the question. Debate? Nah, that's for uppity Washington insiders, Palin prefers to just ramble on repeating coined catch phrases and mugging for the camera in that gosh darn it way of hers. Do I sound bitter? Well, I am. It's pretty upsetting to think that this woman was really the best choice for VP that the Republicans could make. And I don't think that I should be the only one offended, although I am an uppity Manhattanite living on the Liberal West Coast (code breaker: Jewish, Educated, Hollywood Heathen)...but I think that people from Main Street, should be offended that she claims to represent them as well. I mean really, she's giving them a bad name!

It makes me crazy when they show the audience response and someone says that they like a candidate because they are an average ordinary Joe, just like them, and that's what would make them a good president or VP. Oh My Gosh darn goodness!! Honestly, the idea of having someone run the country who is only as smart as I am, is a nightmare!! The person running the country needs to be way smarter, way more educated and yes, must use bigger words than I do! There is a reason I am not in public office making laws and policies, and determining the way millions of people will live their lives...I am not smart enough. But at least, I AM smart enough to know that.

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