It's time to give credit to Mabel...my ghost writer...

This is our sweet dog Mabel. Anyone who knows her, knows that I love her like a crazy person...I think that the seocnd photo proves both that this is true...and that Mabel is very patient with me.

I've said before how writing can be lonely or isolating, and how it takes so much discipline to not get up every five minutes to raid the fridge or rearrange furniture or lie on the couch in defeat. Thankfully Mabel and I have a system where she lies on my lap pretty much the entire time I am writing, preventing me from standing up, and if I do get up and get a snack she gets one too, which is a major time sink, as she is much fussier than I am! She also insists on snuggling and getting her belly scratched, and going for sunshine breaks and visiting the mailman when he comes, all of which make me leave my desk every once in a while for some fresh air and helps my legs from completely atrophying. In truth, I couldn't do this without Mabel, she is delicious and nutritious, feeding my heart and soul and putting a smile on face when I need it the most.

And as I am now trying to have more "fun" with the writing, her job as muse and furry taskmaster is even more important...I mean after all what could be more fun than hanging with a 14 pound bundle of love Bichon.

I better buy some more bullies before she asks for a raise!

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