Well, even if I wanted to delay Mondays, I wouldn't be able to. Around here Monday is gardener day, and like a bad fungus, the renovation bug has spread and everyone is sawing and chopping. If nothing else, it removes any possibility of prolonging my weekend, although this weekend was a great one.

Saturday I cheered on and handed out trophies to 180 small swimmers. It was the annual Shin Swim School competition in Monterey Park, and Jeff and I went to help our friends with rallying and hoisting the little swimmers in and out of the pool. These kids are amazing, they are so focused and determined and yes, nervous as their parents videotaped them and cheered them on. And not to worry, there were 4 teaching assistants in the pool swimming with them and making sure everyone was okay.

My favorite little swimmer is the youngest at 3 years old. Last year I watched her jump in the pool, sink like a stone, come up for air and kick her little heart out for two pool lengths. She pretty much screamed the entire time...even when she got her trophy. But this year at the old age of 3, she was back, and even though she was again the only swimmer in her category, she got in that pool and raced as fast as she could, competing with the best competition she had, herself, reminding us all once again that it wasn't about beating someone, but about being the best that we can be. That is what really matters. That... and a shiny trophy.

And of course I ended my weekend last night, at the Canucks Giving Thanks dinner, outside under starry lanterns feasting on food and wine with friends. It was pretty magical...thanks indeed.

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