It finally happened. I got a BlackBerry. This is a serious step for me, after all I am the woman that Verizon wireless begged to trade in her old cell phone as the old technology was costing them more than my plan was worth!! I picked the blackberry over the oh-so-pretty-I-want-to-eat-it i-phone, because Verizon lets me keep this ancient calling plan that lets me talk to Canada on my cell phone without long distance fees and charges me only in minutes...too good to give up.

I just got my berry two days ago...Jeff went out and came back with it, suspecting correctly that if I ever actually made my way out of the apartment on a week full of deadlines that it would be for Pink Berry and not BlackBerry...what can I say I have a sweet tooth. Well, yesterday I had both.

Now all I have to do is really learn how to use it, which means more time reading the manual and less time reading Perez on my breaks. A girl has to make sacrifices, especially when this little shiny machine allows me to check my e-mails and be reachable all hours of the day, which believe it or not, will give me more freedom from the lap top, and who knows...maybe more time outside.

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A. said...

LOL, Verizon called you? That's hysterical.

This is one area where having tween-aged children is a plus... I just hand them the(insert name of new technology) and they show me how to use it :) If only they were as eager to master the laundry and run the vacuum and dishwasher...HA.

Have a great weekend, Andrea

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