Restless Feet...

Well, somehow I did it...checked everything off my errand list and met my deadline. Now it is time for my wand to wander a bit more, before I start on something new.

I have a few ways of unwinding my mind, reading blogs, reading cookbooks, drooling over restaurant reviews and as always scouring the apartment listings on New York Times and in the back of New York magazine. Anyone who knows me, knows that in my heart I would love to live in NYC again. It's just that it costs the earth and apparently there is more work here for the film and tv industry, I say apparently, because with the writers strike, the never ending SAG negotiations, the culture of celebrity casting, reality tv, and a giant dearth of roles for women over 30...I will have to assume it's true-ish, that LA is busier than NYC...for those who are busy, that is. I mean it's all relative.
But lately my wanderlust to live in an American city other than L.A. is palpable...pressing even, and I am trying to temper my desires with practicality. Although, anyone who chooses to, or wants to live in NYC, can't be all that practical...can they?

This Thursday my restless feet are taking me to San Francisco! It will be business and pleasure and adventure! I am so excited I can hardly sleep at night, and it has kept me very busy, planning for my trip. I have a new party outfit, some new sweaters and a big grown up black handbag...all of it gotten on the endless sales, thanks to the recession. I am ready for some exploring! Friends of mine think that I will love San Fran and want to move there, they call it the New York of the West Coast. Say it is so. It's only a six hour drive, or an hour away by plane...it has weather and hills
and city, and public transportation and great food...and as it is so much closer, I could visit it more often!! But I must not get ahead of myself. After all I have many more great cities to see...as in London and Paris this December, and they also have all those great urban city things I love....mmmmm.

Parlez-vous Francais?

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