It's in the stars...

"You can't be everywhere at once, covering all the bases and watching all potential problems. Saturn insists that you reduce your responsibilities."

This is my horoscope in today's Toronto Star. I used to check my horoscope religiously, then took a break and lately as I have been feeling a little out of sorts and bothered, I have taken to checking it again, possibly hoping for reassurance that I am not crazy, and that something out there confirms what I am feeling. What am I feeling? Scattered, irritated, frustrated and bothered with Los Angeles, the entertainment industry, pollution, noise, endless heat, Sarah Palin...should I go on? When don't I feel like this? When I am naming, which I absolutely adore, out walking or blogging, hanging with my honey and my dog, cooking, watching Prime Suspect, and occasionally when writing, although these days it's hard.

The thing is, I get like this. I'm not happy waiting around. I like to be busy...project busy, not distracted busy. It's why I was so happy when my last novel finally unlocked itself for me and I was able to spend a year and half just constantly writing, fully immersed in the world I created. I felt so alive, so full of purpose and focused and so proud of my accomplishments at the end of the day; pages and pages of writing.

In other words, I need to find a way into this new book, and something tells me that it will be a completely new way. I have some ideas and am going to play around with them until one clicks and when it does...I will be a lot easier to live with.

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