Barbie...a simple gal...and good enough to eat...literally

Barbie a simpler girl for a simpler time and one of the tastiest b-day cakes ever! My niece got it for her birthday this weekend and my nephew ordered it for Rosh Hashanah last year. In our multi- faith family, Barbie is fluid and adaptable, a beautiful blank canvas that we dress up in icing and project our holidays on. The youngsters love Barbie's beauty, and I think us older kids just love to see that skinny blond covered in buttercream icing.

I have snuck off to Toronto for a family visit and we are all talking politics, wall street, bail outs and elections! It is a fascinating and precarious time and it has captured us all. It is so interesting being back in Canada and I just love Toronto and all it has to offer, and really Canada is such a remarkable place. My friends and family have terrific health care, see top specialists for health problems, attend great public schools, and take public transportation. Now it's not a Utopia, it isn't free,it costs 25-44 percent in taxes depending on your income...that's a lot of tax to pay. But when you look at all you get, isn't it worth it?

So why am I here in the United States? Because it has so many wonderful opportunities to offer entrepreneurs and artists. In America you not only get to dream big, but it is possible to make those big dreams a reality. Canada is a much smaller country, we don't have the same markets to appeal to or take advantage of. A lot of our arts are subsidized by the government and this creates a strange relationship where in order to receive funding the project must meet certain government requirements and surely that can compromise artistic vision. As an artist there are so many great opportunities here in the U.S. and the market and audience are huge in comparison.

Now only if these two worlds could merge...wonderful capitalist opportunities and a greater social responsibility...now that really would be a Utopia.

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Caroline said...

Gina I love your blog and I lost your email somehow from PC to Mc Please can you shoot me an email so I can import it?? (PS I have a MAlibu Barbie with one leg!)

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