Chipping away...

Me and the wood chipper next door that is. It's been almost a year that my neighbors have been renovating their home and though they are the sweetest people and it is not their fault at all...after 5 hours of chainsaws and wood chippers dismantling their yard, I thought I might kill someone. This is of course just one of the set backs of having a home office. Everyone escapes during the day and returns at night when all the work has stopped, while I sit and scowl and wonder how on earth I am going to a.) put an audition on tape without sounding like I live in a construction zone...and b.) hear the words that are slowly turning themselves into sentences, and paragraphs and blessedly...pages, of my next novel.

After a fifteen minute truce with the gardeners, the audition is now done and after lunch I will start chipping away at my novel.

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