The Waiting Game...

I have never been very good at waiting and yet, my entire career as an actor and a writer demands it. As an actor I am waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for auditions, waiting for callbacks, and waiting to hear if I got the part. Before I was represented I waited for someone to take a chance on me. Now that I am represented I wait for the same thing. I wait for people to write scripted projects that I can audition for, wait for networks to schedule their seasons, and wait to get called in.

Being so terrible at waiting, I often wrote my own plays, sketches, and short films. Not wanting to wait, led me to creating, which really saved me as an artist. Creating gives me an outlet and the semblance of control over my career. Over the last few years, I have spent more and more time writing out of a desire to keep creating and producing without having to wait on anyone else.

Now that my debut novel is done and is ready to go out into the world, I have been on the hunt for a great literary agent. I have had terrific feedback and thankfully more than a few nibbles and requests for full manuscripts and now I am waiting, again, to hear if my novel has found herself an agent, or whether or not I will have to send out another round of query's...and wait...some more.

My fingers are crossed that this stage of the waiting game ends soon. And the next stage of waiting...finding a publisher... begins.

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