Getting by with a little help from my friends...

Some days are harder than others... yesterday was one of those days. I managed to carve out four hours of time to sit at my desk and write and found it near impossible to get anything on the page. I had hit a pretty big road block in the world of first person narratives, as I have discovered that there may just be another point of view that I may need to explore...and it too would be in first person. Clearly I must be some kind of masochist to attempt to do this from more than one person's point of view?! I sat for four hours angsting and sighing and finally e-mailed a brilliant writer friend of mine who was generous enough to explore this conundrum with me.

I am lucky to have such friends. Writing can make you feel so alone and often the problems that we face on the page can not be solved by anyone other than ourselves. More often than not, even the problems themselves aren't clear, but you can see them lurking just ahead and you have to keep writing towards them even though once you get there, you know you will probably have to go back re-write and figure out a way around them. It's like driving when you are lost. You are pretty sure you are lost, nothing seems familiar, but you won't know until you get to the next major intersection. Until then it's you driving, or writing your way to...possibly...nowhere...maybe somewhere.

That's why it's great to have someone to take along the journey. This photo is of two of my favorite lucky talismans that watch me work everyday. They are...my Momiji named Luckyness...she has a secret compartment in her bum that hold's a b-day wish for me and bunny. Both were gifts, and don't ask me why, but I love these two together. I have other lucky talisman's including the gorgeous goldfish paper weight that is on my blog, and sometimes the three of them are arranged together. They are my friends, one saying a little prayer for me, the other narrowing it's eyes, as if to say, you can do it...urging me to get lost, and hopefully find my way back.

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