Sidelined By A Sore Shoulder...

Ow. This morning I woke up and couldn't move my right shoulder without causing excruciating pain. It felt as if I had broken something. After much pacing around the apartment trying to loosen it up, some gentle stretching, a hot bath and finally Advil it is only just really sore. This is a problem, and one that has been growing. My right arm, or my mouse arm as I like to call it, the one that I do most of my typing with has been seizing up on me, and going numb, more quickly than ever before. I understand that after 8 hours at the computer my arm may start to feel like meat, but it shouldn't be that way 10 minutes into working. I have been very distressed about all of this because I know that I am at the beginning of a very busy writing schedule that I have set out for myself, and I really don't need an injury.

Thankfully my friend Stella, who is a painter and suffers from the same issues of repetitive motion injury and general overuse of her arms, has discovered a great doctor who specializes in all sorts of massage and acupuncture. She brought Stella's seized shoulders back to life this weekend, and I am hoping that she can do the same for mine. I am off to see her this afternoon and I don't care how many needles she sticks in me, so long as I can keep typing without wincing.


The Racquetball Blog said...

So, last December I woke up with a really sore right shoulder. The kind where it's hard to turn your head. The stiffness stayed with me for several days, and I went to a chiro and went to a massage therapist - the latter helped for a few hours, the former not much at all.

[I think I did it in by reading in bed propped up on an elbow for - like - an hour; lesson learned; don't prop myself up on my elbows anymore]

And it had snowed. Not a great deal but enough that it needed to cleared away. So, I went out and shoveled it.

Afterwards, my shoulder felt better. Even the next day, when it had snowed a bit more. So, I went out and shoveled again.

And my shoulder pain all went away.

So, I recommend snow shoveling for clearing up shoulder pain.

Might be difficult to do in L.A. though.

p.s. shouldn't The Racquetball Blog be one of you favs? www.theracquetballblog.blogspot.com. Jus' sayin'.

Gina Sorell said...

Ah, yes, the manual labor cure...how very Prairie of you my friend!!

As for your Blog...indeed...next time I write it will be added.

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