Friday night debate...bring it!

Yay! The debate is on! I am very excited...I am going to sit and watch with a glass of wine as Obama and McCain, battle it out! Now this is reality television. I can not yet vote, but that doesn't mean that I am not interested or affected or sitting by idly watching as the circus that is the elections plays on! I can still vote in Canada and I am planning to give a big vote against Stephen-I-hate-the-arts-Harper. This is a man who believes that the ordinary Canadian doesn't care for or support the arts.He is also the leader of the Conservative Party, and the prime minister, and a testament that not only the United States has yahoo's in power.

After all this real politicking...I will catch up with the politicking of one Detective Jane Tennyson, and her obstacle filled world as a hard nosed female detective superintendent in a male dominated police force in London. I am talking about Prime Suspect of course, my antidote to the current sad state of scripted drama's on my telly...that's how they say it across the pond.

Helen Mirren is phenomenal in this old series and anyone who is interested in good writing, directing, and acting, should watch it again and again and again. But get in line, I have ordered the whole series from Blockbuster and each new arrival in the mail, brings me much joy, and signals that yes...the weekend has begun...no debate about it.


Jessica said...

What a debate it was! I respected and agreed with Senator Obama and I was upset at the tactics McCain used. I worry that the average American will look only hear the digs McCain made towards Obama and stamp them as reality. Obama played it smart and fair, McCain knowingly lied about Obama's past and current stance to try to make himself look good. To me, he did not look so good. I was upset at his behavior. I was upset that Obama did not lash back, but know that he made the right choice in playing it cool. Lashing would have been a bad idea, in the heat of the moment though I was hoping he would.

Gina Sorell said...

I agree Jessica! I was also upset at McCain and his tactics, and I really wanted Obama to give him a good spanking. I know, I know the highroad...always better, but I just hope that when it does get really down and dirty, which it will, that Obama gives it back as good as he gets it.

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