Saturday shout out...Stella Lai!!

A neighbor just accused me of having a very cultural LA day...and I must confess, I am guilty as charged.

The morning was spent at an acting workshop followed by lunch in downtown Culver City and then a trip to Chinatown to attend the open studio of my friend, designer and painter extraordinaire, Stella Lai. Stella's work is amazing. It's provocative and challenging and cheeky. Stella says her paintings "investigate the schizophrenic character of contemporary Chinese culture, at once imprinted by the weight of its imperial history and propelled by the hyper-accelerated frenzy of global technology and consumerism." The result is a colorful, multi-layered, highly technical and controlled explosion of images that have meaning upon meaning.
It must also be said that the pieces are just really freaking cool.

I want one. Okay, I want two. And thankfully after Stella is done jetting off to Bejing for her giant exhibition she will start painting smaller pieces that I may be able to afford. And if they are really small, well then... I might just have to get two! Check out her work at www.tree-axis.com/stella/

Time to get ready to go downtown again, we are off to see a House of Blue Leaves at the newly renovated Mark Taper Forum, and then cocktails. Oh, very cultured indeed.

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