Break out the new sharpies it's the start of September!

Okay so it is already September 2nd, but yesterday was a holiday...so today really feels like the first official day of September to me...and I love it. September is my favorite month, it's how I mark the start of the year, a habit no doubt left over from school days and trips to Grand & Toy to buy stationary and new pencils. I get especially creative this time a year, which for most of my life I could accurately call Fall, with the leaves changing color and the air getting cooler, long sleeves and sweaters, suede boots....aaahhhh. But now that I am in L.A. September's,"Fall" is simply referred to as the hottest month.
Alas, a trip to the East Coast is in order! But until then, I will revel in the fact that when I woke up this morning, I actually thought...aahhhh...holidays are over and now I get to just sit at my desk and work all day!! Strange but true. And maybe I'll get some new stationary as well.

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