Suffering for my art?

The picture you see here is of my shoulder after a procedure called Cupping. Cupping requires lighting a match inside a little cup and placing it on the injury to draw heat and circulation to the area. It looks awful, but it feels great.

Yesterday after spending the entire day either on my back or propped up on pillows, and passing out from the sheer exhaustion of dealing with the pain that is my shoulder without medication, Jeff drove me to the acupuncturist. She was amazing. First she heated my back, then she massaged/mauled my shoulder, then she did the cupping, then she stuck me full of needles and heated those up, then she massaged some more and finally she turned me over and did reflexology on my feet. Up until this point, I had spent the time deep breathing through the pain, laughing when it got to be too much and trying to make jokes with Dr. Kim, who has a great sense of humor. But when we got to the feet, she looked at me very seriously and said..."Gina, you are going to ask me to stop, and I am going to say no." "Even if I beg Dr. Kim?" "Yes, even if you beg." Fast forward 5 seconds and I am begging Dr. Kim who just keeps pummeling the part of my foot that correlates to my shoulder and back.Wow-ow. But after an hour I felt so much better.

Last night was hard of course as I started to stiffen up again, but I actually got some sleep and today I go back for more punishment. Why? Because as Dr. Kim says while she was molding me a new shoulder and I was groaning away in protest..."Gina you wrote one novel, yes?" "Yes. Dr. Kim." "But now, you write one hundred novel...understand?"

Yes, Dr. Kim, I understand. If I am to write any more novels, I've got to take care of my shoulder. And thanks to the amazing Dr. Kim who is on call 24 hours a day...doing so should be easy.

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh G! That looks CRAZY!

Unknown said...

So 2 days after you did this to yourself, I was in Beijing and got a neck, shoulder and foot massage and the lady did this to my feet. Without any warning, a big huge flame was lit and the jars were on my feet. It felt so good though...

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