Inbox hoarding...

I am pretty good about clutter. Honest. Ask anyone who has seen my apartment. It is not possible to be a hoarder when you are living in under 700 square feet, with a husband and a dog. But one place where I compulsively collect, is my e-mail inbox. I am terrible! It is not uncommon for me to have 300 e-mails that I have read that are just lying there, unorganized, waiting to be filed or deleted. It is not that I do not respond to my e-mails, I do, compulsively. I am almost always on line and when I am not I have a little indicator notice that announces that I am busy and often when I will return. It's safe to say that I am a good communicator, returning messages whether they be voice mail or e-mail in a timely fashion. But what I am not good at...is clearing that inbox and filing. So today I did just that, and it was as boring and tedious as I knew it would be, but at least it is done. And now I have no more distractions from writing my new novel.
It seems my tentatively named protagonist seems to have a similar habit of not opening her mail. Hmmmmmm...wonder where she got that from?!

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