It's Friday, the sky is gray, and it finally feels like Fall has arrived. Thank Heavens. This morning I got up early and started researching literary agents. I have decided that I am just no good at waiting and must continue to put a list together in order to feel like I am still moving forward with my debut novel. Of course I only really finished this novel 3 months ago and have had a lot of support for it, but I am eager to find it the right home with the right agent.

After breakfast Jeff and I went for a super long walk, relishing in the fact that the seasons actually have changed here in Los Angeles as evidenced by the few leaves that we saw turning brown and the need for long sleeves. I can not tell you how happy I am not to be waking up to blinding sun every morning, and I never thought that I would say that. Maybe I like the cool gray days because it's winter in the world of my new novel and my as yet unnamed protagonist is driving in the snow. Maybe it's because the farmers markets are full of fall produce just in time for the arrival of my new food processor, and maybe it's because these gray days remind me of East Coast living, of first arriving in New York City 16 years ago with my heart full of hope and wonder. And then again, maybe it's just because it's Friday.

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